set up a fund management company

The Nanjing bank cooperation with Nanjing High-Tech, also have a basis in reality. According to public information, after its shares of Bank of Nanjing, CITIC Securities, Guangzhou Rural Commercial Nanjing Securities [microblogging] and other financial institutions, as well as by its small loans as the main sponsor of the Hi-Tech, trusts and insurance covers basic financial industry all categories. If the accident, after the establishment of the Jianye Fund, Bank of Nanjing may become the first city commercial banks have fund license. As early as in 2008, the Bank of Beijing publicly stated their intention to set up a fund company. In addition, the Bank of Shanghai has also expressed similar wishes. But so far, the city commercial banks to set up a fund company, no news. In fact, in terms of the Nanjing High-Tech, initiated the establishment of the fund company, also shows that the transition to the financial holding company has a new breakthrough. "Co-sponsored by the company and the Bank of Nanjing to set up the Jianye fund management company, the effective integration of the two sides in the operation and management, is expected to get a good return on investment." Nanjing High-Tech, the bulletin said. . The banks involved in the fund company was first used in 2005, when the "line 3 will issued by commercial banks to set up fund management company pilot management approach. Currently, five lines have been set up fund management companies, joint-stock banks, three shares of Shanghai Pudong Development, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants line also set up a fund management company. Prospects temptation Bank of Nanjing City firm earlier involved in the management of one of the city commercial. In 2008, the news of its intention to equity funds and insurance companies. Subsequently, the bank invested 269 million yuan in 2009 to 35% stake in Jiangsu leasing, shareholding, and in September 2011, February 2012, two capital increase Jiangsu lease, including replenishment of 361 million yuan in 2011. Overwhelmed with Nanjing High-Tech jointly set up a fund company, means its consolidated operations next city, the City firm, its management will be in a leading position.